We perform dental services for patients, and we consider patients to be the ones who owe us for the services we provide. Dental insurance is a contract between you (or your employer) and the insurance company. It obligates them to pay a pre-defined amount for things that the contract covers. As a courtesy to our patients we will file most dental insurance claims with your insurance company. However, filing a claim with your insurance company does not relieve you from your responsibility for the payment of all charges. For some insurance we are able to estimate the benefits from your insurance plan and may require that you pay the estimated patient portion in lieu of the full treatment balance on the day of treatment. Our estimates are not a guarantee of payment and any balance resulting from a lower reimbursement from your insurance than initially estimated is due in full from the patient or responsible party. In addition, if the insurance company fails to make payment within 60 days, the entire balance becomes due from the patient.