Mangan Dental Group welcomes patients of all ages. Our practice is designed to work with you to maintain good dental health and address the most common problems with teeth and gums to the most complex.

Dental Cleanings are recommended twice a year. Maintaining good brushing and flossing habits and having those good results rewarded in an event free dental cleaning is our optimal desire. Additionally, these bi-annual visits provide an opportunity for us to educate you about ways that you can improve your personal dental routine.

Fluoride treatments are offered in our offices. This is an oral rinse that is designed to prevent tooth decay and fight cavities. These treatments improve your chances of maintaining healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Sealants are a preventive treatment designed to keep cavities and decay from affecting your teeth.  The treatment is most often performed on children, applied to the chewing surface of the back teeth, helping to prevent bacteria from entering the uppermost crevices of the tooth.


Anxiety Free and Sedation Dentistry

Don’t put off dental treatments because the thought of it terrifies you. We offer sedation dentistry to help you get through the process. These services include any level of sedation from “laughing gas” to a full sedation process so you can wake up after your appointment with all of the needed dental work completed and with little, if any, awareness that the treatment even occurred.

Endodontics (Root Canal Therapy) is a specialized area of dentistry treating the fracture or injured tooth with the goal being to save the tooth and prevent worse health problems that can cause tooth decay, infection and pain.

Dental Emergencies can be treated at Mangan Dental Group. Things like tooth injury, severe pain and other issues can cause a great deal of distress to patients. Please connect with us at 501-666-1188 as soon as possible to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment.

Scaling and Root Planing removes pockets of bacteria in the mouth to improve the condition of the gums. These treatments can be very effective for the treatment of gum disease and may ultimately help the gum tissue heal.

Periodontics can be treated both surgically and non-surgically without having to refer you to another dentist, or specialist. Gum disease can cause severe damage to the gums and teeth and periodontal treatment will ultimately ensure the prevention of further problems and help you to maintain healthy gums.

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders occur along the jawline and can cause a number of debilitating symptoms, including headaches, malfunctioning jaws, teeth clenching and grinding and other issues.  Mangan Dental Group is prepared to help you with necessary treatment for this painful disorder.